INTUIT ( is a current EPSRC-funded, interdisciplinary research programme investigating how design can better support trusted interactions with personal health and lifestyle data, between people living with HIV and their healthcare providers, and with others living with HIV who form a peer community.
The INTUIT team collaborated with Master students in Communication Design at Northumbria University on a four-week Social Innovation Design Brief entitled ‘Living Well with HIV through Trusted Online Communications in a Post-pandemic Society’. Students responded through design to address challenges associated with the sharing of experiences and personal information for supporting self-management of health and wellbeing. Students’ responses to the brief were speculative meaning that their design concepts were not bounded by what is currently feasible. In this process, students were encouraged to use Communication Design as a ‘vehicle’ for envisioning and reflecting upon possible futures in which social realities, ethical and societal issues were illuminated through design.
This process started with desk-based research for students to gain contextual and critical understandings of the design context. Then, students moved towards generating ideas and developing concepts that were discussed in weekly design critique (‘crit’) sessions. Outputs are showcased on this website to invite reflection and comments from stakeholders and the wider public.
This project formed a collaboration between INTUIT team members Abigail Durrant and Caroline Claisse (at Newcastle University) and Bakita Kasadha (at Terrence Higgins Trust), and students on the MA Communication Design programme at Northumbria University led by Jamie Steane and Joyce Yee. Abigail, Caroline and Bakita set the brief and were involved as guest tutors. Additional input was kindly provided by Blue Sky Trust, a local HIV support charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne. This website was developed by Daniel Parry, Open Lab. 
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